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ADHD Assessment

Rob will carry out a comprehensive and therapeutic ADHD assessment, placing value on the importance of the your own narrative, journey, challenges, and successes. He will also explore whether there is any evidence of other neuro-developmental, mental health or physical health conditions which can often co-exist with ADHD.

A diagnostic interview for ADHD will be completed, and take into account the information gathered from persons who know you well, both in childhood and as an adult. Rob uses a modern secure clinical system which allows for user-friendly questionnaires. These are simple to use and compatible on mobile phones and computers.

Assessments will take place face to face at the Tower Clinic unless circumstances suggest a video consultation would be preferable. Assessments will be approximately 3 hours in duration (with breaks as required), following which a thorough report will be provided.
A feedback appointment (at no extra charge) will be arranged if required to allow time for an explanation of the outcomes and to answer questions. It will also be an opportunity to explore options for further interventions and support.

For prices please see Fees

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