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ADHD Treatment

  I am an expert in the treatment of ADHD in adults, utilising evidenced-based practice. I approach to prescribing medication in ADHD is tailored and flexible to the your needs and lifestyle, rather than a generic one size fits all approach. 
The 12-24 months following diagnosis is most often a period of reflection, education and adaption. The process of treatment with medication can in itself be a journey of curiosity and exploration to achieve the optimum drug and dosage whilst balancing benefits and adverse effects. Finding the right regimen requires a nuanced person-centered approach taking into consideration the impact of any new strategies developed, lifestyle changes and adaptions made as you gather increasing knowledge about the condition and how it specifically impacts you. 

I work collaboratively with you, exploring lifestyle factors and utilising aspects of both  coaching and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) alongside a finely-tuned approach to medication. This ensures that the focus is not only on symptom improvement but also on learning to manage one's ADHD and setting goals which are consistent with the your underlying values. In addition, I welcome appointments to include partners or other family members to support the family in their adjustments and how they can support you with ADHD most effectively.
The number of appointments to reach a stable dose is dependent on the response and is always difficult to predict, but regular support for a minimum of 12 months is recommended with an on-going requirement for annual reviews. 

I work with an online pharmacy. This ensures a straight forward process for you to receive their medications which are posted quickly, reliably and securely directly to them.  Information about the different medications used for ADHD can be found at

For prices please see Fees.

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