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Private Consultant Adult ADHD Psychiatrist In Leeds UK 

Rob Baskind Headshot-103.jpg

Rob Baskind

ACT Coach and
Adult ADHD 


Highly regarded UK Psychiatrist and leading Adult ADHD expert 

Focus on mental and physical health issues associated with ADHD

Holisitic, patient-centred assessment and interventions


Interest in hormonal effects on ADHD, including menopause

Evidence-based finely-tuned and individualised treatment

Partnership with online pharmacy with secure home delivery of medications

Face to face appointments with option for virtual if required 

Mobile-phone compatible user- friendly electronic platforms for online questionnaires  

If you would like to make an enquiry regarding coaching or an ADHD assessment
please complete this enquiry form

I have a wealth of past experience working in Adult ADHD and mental health. I worked as a doctor in the NHS for 20 years, and as a consultant since 2008. I worked in community, acute day hospital and prison mental health settings for several years.
In 2011, I developed and launched the first Leeds NHS Adult ADHD service, and was clinical lead until 2022. During this time, I led a successful service and has not only gained a reputation for my expertise and clinical skills, but also for my passion and commitment to raising awareness of ADHD across social media and in local and national newspaper and magazine publications. I have also provided regular ADHD training across healthcare settings and also other areas including the criminal justice system. 

You can see more about my approach to assessment and treatment and my fees on the relevant pages. I work towards developing a shared care agreement with primary care.

I am also an ACT Coach. ACT stands for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and together with positive psychology skills I support individuals both with and without ADHD who struggle with  challenges such as overwhelm, burnout, confidence, perfectionism and imposter syndrome. This approach allows the individual to build skills to relate differently with difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions, attend to the present moment rather than getting lost in thoughts or living on "autopilot" and move to values-based action.  ACT aims to create a rich, full and meaningful life and accept the pain that life inevitably brings. It can help make it easier to be "human" and become less stuck in the negative self judgement and "not-good-enough story" that so often becomes peoples "truth".



Dr Rob Baskind

Baskind Health

Tower Clinic

8 Tinshill Lane 


LS16 7AP

Tel: 0113 267 2067


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