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Rob Baskind
ADHD psychiatrist,
Positive Psychology and Mindfulness Practitioner and Coach



from private patients via feedback surveys and posted on the iwantgreatcare website


29th April 2024

Sincerely the best I've had the fortune to see. Compared to what I've read, heard and even experienced with other services - Rob is exceptionally well informed, understanding and treats you with a sense of genuine care. If you're considering getting checked for ADHD or are wondering about his coaching, you'll be sincerely grateful for his insight. In short, the impact he's had on my life can't be understated. Seeing the difference when he wasn't available to me because I moved elsewhere made me appreciate this all the more and that's why I'm so pleased to see him again after almost a decade.

29th April 2024​

Dr Baskind sincerely listens, even to your most scattered communications and takes the time to understand what you're saying - as well as kindly get you back on track to the focal point of the discussion. He has the most forward-thinking, objective understanding of the disorder that I've seen, read or heard of whether online or in discussions with people who also have ADHD - and seeing how much he has done for the North with the ADHD and related services in general, it's no wonder. I'm grateful for Rob and his warm, supportive and exceptionally informed manner - one that always makes you feel cared for, and never spoken down to.

29th April 2024

Communication, openness and honesty are at the forefront along with a willingness to listen and involve the patient in treatment options.

25th April 2024

Particularly great at listening and providing suggestions/solutions on top of his own recommendation. As well as great insight, very informative during conversation on a wide range of areas on the topic or surrounding the topic of ADHD.

18th April 2024

Very professional and helpful - excellent reputation in the field

18th April 2024​

Listening to my feelings and thoughts and proceeding with my treatment accordingly.

17th April 2024
Dr Baskind is a great psychiatrist who also is a great advocate for his patients. Always seen quickly with prompt communication to my GP.

7th November 2023
Dr Baskind has been treating me over almost a year now. His clinics are busy, but he always makes time for appointments not to be rushed. Dr Baskind is responsive and accessible between sessions, which is a great comfort with the current adhd medication shortage. He is extremely intuitive to my experiences and current situation, asking pertinent questions to prompt the conversation along the right track. Any of you readers out there with adhd will understand the importance of that! Next up for me is shared care, where my GP will prescribe medication under the NHS. Before Dr Baskind accepted me as a private patient he was responsible in ensuring my GP would honour shared care, I feel much more confident about the future knowing Dr Baskind is in the background and can review any changes to medication.

29th October 2023

Dr Baskind is an excellent doctor who has really made me feel at ease whilst I’ve been trying to navigate the new diagnosis I’ve received. He’s got a lovely manner and is always happy to answer any questions I have regarding my treatment. The way he runs the service has also been really great, I’ve found the virtual appointments brilliant. It is so easy to book and have the appointments, and to pay for prescriptions and my appointments in basically one click

6th October 2023

Great experience with Rob. Took my Son (24) to see him in November’22 with , what we’d been advised may be ADHD, and dealing with some serious mental health issues including suicidal thoughts and attempts. Rob’s patient attitude and gentle questioning really helped tease out the issues my Son was experiencing and help find the appropriate course of action to help him through it. Less than a year later out Son is a changed person and is living life to its fullest. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rob to anyone suffering with mental health issues

8th September 2023

Very knowledgeable. Calm polite manner. Cautious prescriber.

29th August 2023
I recommend Dr Baskind. My assessment was conducted in a supportive and kind way. I was able to fully participate and felt listened to. The portal for submitting information, online meetings etc is very easy to use (even for someone who is not good at tech) The medication titration was discussed and explained and I felt like an equal partner throughout the discussion and decision making process. Plus, compared with other providers the charges are reasonable.

3rd August 2023

I think Rob is a very good listener and is able to make good recommendations based on my individual needs and circumstance for short medium and long term.

2nd August 2023

Dr Rob Baskind has show that he genuinely cares about my mental health and my safety. He clearly has a lot of knowledge about ADHD and shares this.

30th July 2023
Dr Rob Baskind has a great depth of understanding and knowledge around ADHD. He is both personable and professional, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others who are looking for an ADHD consultation. The booking system is simple and efficient, and the clinic itself is pleasant. I found all the staff to be friendly and accommodating too.

26th July 2023

He always responds to emails very quickly. He is very knowledgeable but not in the stuck up or arrogant way which many medical experts can be so this makes it easy to be vulnerable and talk about things openly. His approach is very interactive - I feel like we make all decisions together rather than him making them for me.

17th July 2023

All contact is efficient. Forms to complete are very easy to understand and accessible via your phone not just laptop. This has made the process brilliant for me. The right amount of reminders for upcoming appointments. Ordering medication really easy and efficient. Do not feel rushed. I know should I need assistance I will get a reply.

14th July 2023

Dr Baskind has always been easy to contact and prompt to reply. I felt comfortable and reassured that he was both listening to me and also asking appropriate questions to elicit my history. His manner put me at ease. Treatment options were presented and I felt able to ask any questions about the process of starting medication.

26th June 2023

Dr. Baskind's care has been nothing short of wonderful. He was recommended to me when I felt absolutely desperate with my mental health at the end of last year. I feel very fortunate I was able to book in an ADHD assessment within a couple of months. He was understanding and accommodating of my needs when I couldn't face the travel to the clinic, so I had an online assessment. As tiring as the assessment was (3 hrs is a long time if you have attention deficit!), I felt heard for the first time ever. He gave me the space and time to talk (we had breaks) and made me feel at ease. His question approach was calm, skillful and compassionate through which I found clarity, confirmation and reassurance. In follow up appointments, we discussed support and treatment options. Dr. Baskind took the time to answer my questions and explain the medication route and continued to support me via email, in-between our sessions. I was really impressed by the thoroughness and ease of the entire process; from the initial surveys and questionnaires, written reports, reviews and receiving copies of all correspondence between us and my GP practice. I was included every step of the way. I am currently stable on my chosen medication and my GP has finalised our shared care agreement. Thank you Dr. Baskind for your kindness, support and professionalism. I still have a way to go on this journey, but I don't feel alone any more. To find trust and hope has been life changing.

20th June 2023

Online system really good for booking appointments etc. Reminders are always sent for appointments. Mr Baskind is always on time in person & online. Forms & prescriptions orders are always processed.

13th June​ 2023

Professional and approachable. Dr Baskind responds quickly and efficiently to emails.

27th May 2023

The administration of his service via email is exemplary. He is able to engage quickly, listens attentively and provides accurate summaries of what he has heard

27th May 2024

Dr Baskind has always included my husband in our conversations and considered my husbands perspective, as he knew this was important to us both and that my behaviour/traits have a significant impact on my husband. I feel Dr Baskind has a gift of making people feel relaxed in his care, Whilst always remaining highly professional he has an ability to keep sessions lighthearted and injected with a sense of humour too.

19th May 2023
After spending a lot of time researching different ADHD Clinics, I chose Dr Baskind due to his experience and positive reviews. He is an exceptional doctor with a wealth of knowledge and excellent personal skills. I would recommend him to anyone seeking an assessment. Furthermore, compared to other ADHD clinics, he charges a reasonable fee, and his aftercare has been brilliant. He is always happy to answer emails and any queries I have.

10th May 2023
Dr Baskind has listened to me, involved me in his plans. Managed my expectations in a realistic way. Flexible in his appointment according to patient circumstances. My condition is improving and my treatment titration is going well. I would recommend Dr Baskind to anyone who needs ADHD diagnosis pr treatment.

11th April 2023

Excellent communication - Very clear explanation of medication, including options - Sympathetic and compassionate during assessment

4th April 2023

Very quick response to emails and other forms of communication. I have never been left hanging - very responsive. Interested in what the client is feeling and wanting.

4th April 2023

Dr Baskind listens really well and is clear and concise regarding his assessments. I've found his time to be very helpful to me to understand what I am dealing with, which can sometimes feel very complex.

24th March 2023
I have worked within NHS services for 20+ years and I wish that all psychiatrists were as compassionate and knowledgeable as Dr Baskind. He has exceptional skills within ADHD and his treatment approach extends beyond medication into daily strategies.

8th March 2023

He is friendly and personable but also professional and knowledgeable. He did not make me feel defensive or like I had to prove my trustworthiness in ways that many other medical and medicine adjacent practitioners would. He reviewed my documents thoroughly, listened to my answers to his questions properly and was logical and matter of fact about my options. He reviewed my diagnosis holistically with respect to my general mood and other mental health diagnoses. His general attitude and approach was very appropriate in my opinion, treating my diagnosis as a non-controversial condition and respecting the knowledge I had retained about myself from my previous diagnosis and care. I did not at any point feel like I had to over explain myself, he was able to make it clear when my answers were sufficient. He was always quick with email communication which is a positive provided it’s not to the detriment of his own work/life balance!

25th February 2023

Very friendly. Very commutative with emails on any queries and letting me know all the relevant information that I need to know. Very happy to help with any problems I have been experiencing throughout treatment and providing solutions to this. Very good with ensuring appointments are very convenient with myself.

13th January 2023

Dr Baskind was incredibly supportive of my areas of need and encouraging and reassuring when I was doubting my own feelings about my struggles. He was very accommodating in the booking of my assessment and I certainly never felt any pressure from him to have the assessment, everything was absolutely on my terms and when I felt I was ready. I have recommended Dr Baskind to several people who have concerns that they have ADHD and I also plan to contact him again to discuss treatment options once I have let the dust settle on my diagnosis as he is clearly extremely knowledgeable and experienced in his field...most reassuringly that he is very knowledgeable about adult ADHD in women!

1st December 2022

I feel Dr Baskind service excels because of his professionalism and kindness, which are obvious from the outset of any appointment with him. Rob's ability to convey medical and scientific information in an understandable way is also appreciated.

1st December 2022

excellent doctor, very considerate and patient, extremely thorough, exceptional in all areas.

30th November 2022

Everything. The best doctor I have ever had. Patient centred, professional, respectful and kind and understanding in his communication. Helpful in arranging appointments at a time that suits the patient. Good website. Transparency with costs. Ensures any prescription issues dealt with in a timely manner. Really can’t rate this doctor highly enough.

30th November 2022

Everything. The best doctor I have ever had. Patient centred, professional, respectful and kind and understanding in his communication. Helpful in arranging appointments at a time that suits the patient. Good website. Transparency with costs. Ensures any prescription issues dealt with in a timely manner. Really can’t rate this doctor highly enough.

26th October 2022

I contacted Dr Baskind to book an adult ADHD assessment. He responded to the initial enquiry very quickly with a helpful call, and the assessment followed within a couple of weeks. Dr Baskind’s assessment was very thorough, and he took time to really listen to my concerns. Although Dr Baskind confirmed that I don’t have ADHD, he identified where my issues (predominantly with work) were and is able to offer a specific type of therapy which will, I hope, help. Dr Baskind’s input has been invaluable and I would definitely recommend him.

24th October 2022

Following an educational psychology assessment which identified a diagnosis of ADHD at age 27, I approached Dr Baskind as a private patient as the NHS waiting list for treatment was 3 years. Dr Baskind was kind, patient and empathetic. I felt seen & heard and understood. He imitated medication following his full assessment, at my request. In the first month following my diagnosis, I had lots of questions and found myself emailing Dr Baskind on a very regular basis. He responded quickly and without judgement. I have now been on a treatment plan for over 3 years which meets my needs. I am confident that if I had any questions, or wanted to speak about any concerns or treatment, that Dr Baskind would be available to listen and take appropriate action. I cannot thank him enough!

13th October 2022

Dr Baskind is treating my adult daughter for ADHD, we searched for a private doctor due to NHS wait times and came across him online. I am so pleased we found him as looking at his background he is without a doubt the best out there. At the appointment he allowed me in with my daughter as she was extremely nervous, he took lots of time asking questions and made both of us feel at ease very quickly allowing lots of time to answer his questions not at all rushed. He listened and was very reassuring. The whole process and assessment was stress free. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending his services, although I feel his long-standing reputation already speaks for itself.

11th October 2022

Dr Baskind is as good an ADHD specialist as you’re ever going to get. He is empathetic, kind, knowledgeable and has fantastic insight. He has worked with myself as an individual with ADHD, and with my wife and I together to see us through the diagnostic process, medication and beyond. He has always showed us compassion, humour and humanity. In a world where NHS waiting times mean humans might be living on Mars before you’re seen by a psychiatrist, going private is sometimes our only option. Given that option, it’s got to be Dr Baskind every time!

11th October 2022

I always find Dr. Baskind empathetic, understanding, and easy to talk to. Besides having ADHD, I am also autistic. Whenever I meet with Dr. Baskind for our annual review, he is considerate of my accessibility needs (ex. does not ask me to turn my camera on over a Zoom call, allows me time to find my words when I struggle to communicate, offers alternative methods of communicating my needs like e-mail correspondence and surveys). In general, he is supportive without being infantilising. I also appreciate that Dr. Baskind clearly respects my nonbinary identity. In all of his correspondence to me and my GP, he rarely - if ever - misgenders me and quickly corrects himself with no fuss if he does. If any other nonbinary individuals need support with ADHD, I would definitely recommend Dr. Baskind.

11th October 2022

I visited Dr Baskind for a private adult ADHD assessment at The Tower Clinic in Cookridge, after realizing the wait times on the NHS were ridiculously long, my gp just wanted to prescribe anti depressants and told me I had anxiety but I knew thats not what I needed. I was really struggling day to day and found Dr Baskind online, I was able to book directly for a face to face appointment in a matter of weeks. Before the appointment I was sent questionaires for myself and family and close friedns to fill out and submit so he had information before my appointment. The appointment took 3 hours where Dr Baskind listened and asked lots of questions, I finally felt like someone understood me, I was given the diagnosis at the end of the assessment where he confirmed I definately have ADHD. I am now looking forward to the future and being able to get the correct treatment and therapy to help me.

11th October 2022

Dr Baskind is currently treating our son for adult ADHD. He has given us great confidence, was very kind, informative, caring and understanding. He put our mind at rest and explained everything in great detail Would highly recommend. He came highly recommended to us and we can now see why.

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