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Rob Baskind
ADHD psychiatrist,
Positive Psychology and Mindfulness Practitioner and Coach



If you have a confirmed ADHD diagnosis, I offer a treatment package that includes all the support required from starting medication until reaching a stable and maintenance dose. At this point, hopefully your GP will be happy to agree to a "shared care agreement" and continue prescriptions in primary care (see notes below). As the specialist, I would remain involved to respond to any concerns, manage any changes and provide a mandatory annual review.This package fee will include all face to face/video/telephone appointments including timely response through email support as and when necessary, prescription writing and online ordering until you have reached a stable and maintenance dose.


Titration and Stabilisation Package -  £695

(Please note when prescribed privately, medication costs will require separate payment direct to the on-line or nominated pharmacy)


Additional appointments including mandatory annual reviews - £175 per appointment.


Further appointments that may be required after the the initial stabilisation of treatment will be charged at £175 per appointment. 


If you received your diagnosis and are already on treatment from another provider then usually a new assessment will not be required.  Previous documentation will be requested, and there will be a fee of £350 for an initial appointment and the transfer of care and a fee of £175 for further appointments. 


Annual reviews are mandatory to continue medication after 12 months. 


Please note

It is strongly recommended before deciding to start medication through a private provider, such as myself, that you have discussion with your GP to understand whether they will be happy to prescribe under a shared care agreement. A shared care agreement requests that the GP prescribes medications and carries out monitoring such as blood pressure and heart rate as necessary under the NHS after you have initially paid privately to be stabilised on the medication. The private provider would still remain involved after the GP takes over prescribing to provide advice and review as needed, including mandatory annual reviews.Although many do, GPs do not have an obligation to agree to shared care and without this agreement, it means that costs of medication need to be self-funded as long as it is needed, unless you are able to transfer to an NHS ADHD service.

Please click here to see a copy of my shared care agreement.

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