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Rob Baskind
ADHD psychiatrist,
Positive Psychology and Mindfulness Practitioner and Coach


Positive Psychology and Coaching

I am a positive psychology and mindfulness practitioner and coach.


Positive Psychology is the 'scientific study of what makes life most worth living'. It helps focus on positive experiences, states and traits, and understand the power of shifting ones perspective often leading to astounding improvements in wellbeing and quality of life.


Life satisfaction, character strengths,  happiness, gratitude and compassion are just some of the key areas that positive psychology has researched and developed successful techniques and strategies to implement. Using the approach of positive psychology helps to foster human flourishing rather than only focusing on reducing symptoms and prevention of relapse of illness.

Utilising a combination of mindset, positive psychology and acceptance and commitment coaching skills alongside my psychiatry knowledge, my coaching approach helps to build skills to move towards a more values-based meaningful life. 


 My skillset and experience has led to life-changing results for individuals both with and without ADHD who find themselves struggling with life's challenges such as  work-life balance, relationships, overwhelm, burnout, confidence, perfectionism and imposter syndrome.

Providing a non-judgmental and safe space, I can help you reach self-awareness of the impact of your early conditioning in life and bring acceptance to what it means to be 'human' and become less stuck in the negative self judgement and 'not-good-enough story' that so often becomes our 'truth'.

I provide an introductory coaching session online or in person and also offer packages of

4 or 6 sessions, which can be renewed. 

Please get in touch at if you are interested in booking a session.


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